Our Mission

“Penang Bible Church exists to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming His gospel of grace throughout Malaysia and beyond, and by edifying others through spiritual training and encouragement.”




Penang Bible church

What do we mean by “Bible Church?” We place a major emphasis on studying and understanding the Bible, God’s words to us, in their proper context. The Spirit of God gives us wisdom and directs our life through the Bible’s teachings. The purpose of the local church is to bring glory to God through worship and obedience.  We are to be God’s hands and feet through evangelism and edification. There is a shared responsibility of ministry among our members. We are all mutually responsible for maintaining and operating the church.

Honor The Lord

We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Head of this local church. We worship Him through songs, testimonies, thanksgiving, and by striving to live honorably in our society. We remember His sacrifice for our sins through the Lord’s Supper (The last Sunday of every month)

Proclaiming His Gospel

The word gospel means “good news.”  The word grace meansundeserved favor.”  Understanding and trusting in the gospel of grace God starts with realizing that we are separated from God by our sin. God is perfect and holy, has high standards, and cannot be in the presence of sin.  No amount of your personal goodness, good deeds or noble intentions can erase the stain of even one sin. But … the gospel teaches us that God is offering you eternal life in heaven with Him, not based on your righteousness, but on Christ’s perfect righteousness.  When we trust by faith that Christ paid the penalty for our sins, we are given Christ’s righteousness and a perfect standing before God (Ephesians 2:8-10).  This is a free gift; taking part in what God is doing starts with faith – believing God when He says something. We are living in a special time period of grace, and God wants everyone to come to Him through faith in Jesus Christ. 

We want to help spread this message of grace to those in our local community and even far beyond our borders.  We do this through personal relationships, creation of assemblies and studies, internet radio, and any other form of contact where this truth can be communicated.  We are actively working to establish the gospel in other parts of Malaysia so that we can have “sister assemblies” in other places. There are many people in Malaysia that have little chance of hearing this gospel because there are no assemblies in their area. 

Malaysia and beyond

The action takes places in our community, not inside our church building. And it’s everyone’s job! Therefore, Penang Bible Church is a training and counseling center that is used to equip you to do the work. Our spiritual training consists of Bible Classes, Worship Services, Biblical Counseling, and Church Leadership.  We seek to encourage one another by frequent fellowships and parties, and by providing biblical counseling to help with life’s problems.  We also participate in community outreach causes, and we seek to help other ministries.

Edifying others